Benzinga Boot Camp:

August 28


Literally step-by-step how to become a stocks and options trader and investor. Starting with the simplest concepts and ending with how to actually make money.


-Live Education to teach you everything you need to know about trading and investing.

-Interactive Webinars with our Mentors to further your education and help you understand up-to-date trends and news.

-Fantasy Trading Competition ⁠— Get real experience trading stocks without the risk. Compete against your peers to win cash and free prizes.

-24 Hour Discord Chat ⁠— Ask questions, make comments, share your trades on the discord chat. Our Mentors will be available for specific questions at scheduled intervals throughout the Boot Camp.

-Enhanced Guides and Study Materials designed to take your learning experience to the next level by giving you all the answers in one spot for your reference.

(Mentorship Program and Fantasy Trading Competition available at additional cost)

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